The Alien Among Us


Part One.

You find yourself in the universe. Feeling excited and lost.

You want to get the universe, but the universe does’t care about you.

When you’re not asleep, you are roaming around trying to realise what the stars are.

First Suggestion.

Try to walk faster. Even if you still feel like an alien,

You won’t look like one.

Who knows, maybe, if you do it right, you will somehow believe it yourself.

That you know where to go.

That you actually have somewhere to go.

Part Two.

You have started to connect the tree with the house.

This makes it easier to walk with your eyes closed.

Your disguise gets better as you have found places open to everyone, even to those who are floating.

Second Suggestion.

Try to structure the universe and yourself.

You will only stop feeling small if everything else will feel tiny.

Videoprojektion mit Ton auf Fototapete

9:38 min

video projection with sound on photo wallpaper

9:38 min

01 Ausstellungsansicht, Kunstbezirk Stuttgart 02 Ausstellungsansicht, Kunstbezirk Stuttgart 03 Filmstill 04 Filmstill - Part Three 05 Filmstill - Third Suggestion